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Welcome to the Steam Rollers Adventure Podcast!
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If you like Steampunk, Comedy, Adventure, Dice Games, or D&D Type Stuff...You're in the right place!

Jul 26, 2016

Colonel Charles Humphrey gathers together the aid of General Marrow, his trusty cogman, Wesley, and Dr. Victor Tarbent, to seek out allies from the mysterious dossier of rebels. Meanwhile, as Jameson, Martin and Adrienne are about to discover the hidden secret of the Wayward diner, they fall under attack by a...

Jul 25, 2016

The adventure continues as our heroes attempt to make sense of their situations. Jameson and Martin have come together, and pour over the files left by Sky Captain Klein and Agent Fawkes. Meanwhile, Major Charles Humphrey comes to after spending a night studying his own stack of files, and evidence to lead him on...

Jul 19, 2016

Holy cow, another special!? Yes, but this one's not so 'special-special'. It's just our regular trivia show that takes place between story arcs. Hey, we just like to make sure our players are on their toes, and to see if they've been paying attention to their own adventure. Today's show is sponsored by:

Jul 12, 2016

If you're new to the Steam Rollers Adventure Podcast, or you haven't listened in awhile, or if it's been ages since you've listened, this is the episode for you! Mike The Storycrafter and RBY-2187 (aka. "Robbie"), take you through the first 13 chapters (15 episodes) of the SRAP. They follow each of the three stories in...

Jul 5, 2016

In this episode of the Steam Rollers Adventure Podcast, the crew steps out of character to review the various tweets, facebook posts, reviews, emails, and other messages we've received from fans of the show. Some of the people, shows, or talents we mention in this episode include: High Level Games (this week's sponsor),...