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Welcome to the Steam Rollers Adventure Podcast!
We are your source for the perfect combination of steampunk, comedy, adventure,
and home brew table top gaming!

If you like Steampunk, Comedy, Adventure, Dice Games, or D&D Type Stuff...You're in the right place!

Aug 30, 2016

Colonel Humphrey finds himself bloodied and tied up in the back seat of a car. Behind the wheel of the car, which is smashed against a tree, is a deactivated and damaged Wesley. Martin Barnett joins Doragon pirate Sumeshi in a suspicious bar where he learns a painful truth. Meanwhile, Jameson and Adrienne reunite with...

Aug 23, 2016

Colonel Humphrey and Dr. Tarbent have a pleasant sit-down chat with Agent Samuel Boothe before everything goes black. Meanwhile, Jameson Mayfield takes some time to perfect his fancy-dancy wrist-shooters; and Martin Barnett finds himself pulled by his armless sleeve into a dark alley.

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Aug 19, 2016

Mike sits down to chat with artistic tabletop types from around the world to discuss everything from creamed corn to the Olympics to the notion of launching their own adventure in the Heart of Bronze universe. Very special thanks to Rupert Bathurst from Bristol, England; and Jenn from an undisclosed top secret bunker...

Aug 16, 2016

It's just our regular trivia show that takes place between story arcs. Hey, we just like to make sure our players are on their toes, and to see if they've been paying attention to their own adventure.

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Aug 9, 2016

Colonel Humphrey, Wesley, and Dr. Tarbent go to New Yorke in the hopes of finding Agent Samuel Boothe. He's one of the names on the dossiers found by Humphrey, and potentially one of the leaders of the rebellion that will bring down the vile Thorne & Hearse organization. Meanwhile, Jameson, Martin, Adrienne and...