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Welcome to the Steam Rollers Adventure Podcast!
We are your source for the perfect combination of steampunk, comedy, adventure,
and home brew table top gaming!

If you like Steampunk, Comedy, Adventure, Dice Games, or D&D Type Stuff...You're in the right place!

Nov 29, 2016

Martin lives! The Devil's Due has returned him to the ship, and now he and Jameson must regain control before Captain Sasha Zorma goes crazy over the loss of her friend and first mate, Sumeshi Sosumi. Meanwhile, Colonel Humphrey arrives at the hidden listening post fort in Michigan where he learns what Molly Rose is up...

Nov 22, 2016

We begin high in the air over the southern edge of the Imperial United States following Martin's rapid descent toward the Tesla Net and sure death. Then we accompany Colonel Humphrey, now operating under his own free will, as he heads to Chicago and a secret military listening post.

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Nov 15, 2016

In this episode: Assaulting Gummy Bears; Spelling "Come" with 3 Letters; SRAP Season 2 Teaser; Weed & Shrooms in Britain; Skim Milk; Trump & Bus Buddies; Salty Tea; "Locker Room Talk"; Spotted Dick and Cream Pies; Dr. Who; Tears for Martin; The Wet Bit in London; Bicycling; Making GM Great Again; Monty Python; Sir Rupert...

Nov 8, 2016

Martin Barnett has brought Kera Wade back from the brink of death only to face down the short shiny barrel of a Derringer. What he doesn't know is that his good friend Charlie Stodder has shape-shifted into a monstrous garghoul! As the ship is buffeted by the explosions and gunfire of the pursuing Imperial Sky Fleet,...

Nov 1, 2016

Charles Humphrey is one step closer to getting the control chip removed from his brain, but will he go through with it after he finds out some terrible secrets about Dr. Oskar Kesdorf, DVM? Then we go thousands of feet in the air as the Devil's Due levels out high above the Tesla Net, and Jameson Mayfield faces off...