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Sep 26, 2017


Percy Alexander and Constance Stephens come to the end of the survivor's trail to the home of Bernard Bruner. As Percy takes a "lookie see" around the place, Connie is drawn to the barn...where unspeakable horrors await. Meanwhile, Nigel Osbert Wintermann, minding his own business with a good book, is distracted by a...

Sep 19, 2017


When last we left Silas Monroe, he'd been ambushed by a group of rogues representing the Free Texas Alliance or the legendary Greencoats. As Silas lay unconscious and bleeding to death, the four gunman approach to finish him off. Meanwhile, Oliver stands up to the widow Hughes and makes a daring decision.

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Sep 12, 2017


Today we ride along with Percy "Spade" Alexander and Constance "Connie Ross" Stephens as they trail Nigel Osbert Wintermann through the dry leaves and chilled forest to their mutual destiny. Things get strange, however, when Percy's dog, Fifi, catches a whiff of danger.

Fig. 8101 - The Talisman held by Jessica.

Fig. 8101 - The Talisman held by Jessica.

Sep 6, 2017


Freelance Texas bounty hunter, Silas Monroe, heads home alone while Oliver Glass remains at the 3 Wings Ranch to watch over Shiloh and Pinny. As Silas crests a ridge and peers down at his home, he's greeted with a horrific sight.

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Sep 5, 2017

Hello, folks!

As much as I always hated the thought of (and promised not to) releasing an "announcement" episode, I'm afraid it's come to that. Due to circumstances that arose during the 2017 Labor Day weekend, I'm having to delay release of Episode 80 by a day or two. make up for the delay, I'm giving...