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Mar 27, 2018


We return to the luxury airship Maria high over north Texas where a very irritated and bleeding out Sonny Geffort stands over the unconscious form of Syren Zorma. Will this soon be the final breath of the last surviving Zorma sister, and if so, will it soon be the last breath of Eugene...

Mar 20, 2018

As Nigel pays his evening visit to the Fesslers, Percy and Connie make a curious discovery on one of the side streets of Marquis de Lafayette. This episode features our first patron-created NPC, “Gregory Brewko,” by Chris Durbak.

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Mar 13, 2018

Siren Zorma is a lot like her sister. She's slippery, sneaky, and has a cruel streak a mile wide. After all, she was tied in with the Free Texas Alliance, the group that killed Silas Monroe's brother, and assassinated Sonny Geffort's buddy. Now, will all three of them on the same airship...what could possibly happen?...

Mar 6, 2018

Clarence Roy, the vile criminal and opportunist gunned down by Percy in Chapter 12, left behind the deed to his vast estate in the Marquis de Lafayette. It is in the dark and gloomy basement of the mansion that Percy, Constance, and Nigel hope to find a clue to the mysterious crystal artifacts Percy and Constance...