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Aug 28, 2018

In a sudden and unexpected jolt, Adrienne “Shade” Boothe bolts from the Main Street Inn in Peace, leaving Connie, Oliver, and the rest of the crew without a friendly witch helper. When Connie runs out into the street to stop her, she comes face to face with her Peace nemesis, the Highwayman...and his master.


Aug 21, 2018

While most of the newly-assembled band head off in different directions: Percy is just un-paradoxing himself, Kingsley is trying to make his way back to Peace, Nigel has wandered off yet again, and Sonny and Silas belly up to the bar, Oliver and Connie get a chance to catch up.

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Aug 14, 2018

As Percy fights his way out of the perpetual dog-induced world he's in, Arthur Kingsley finds himself in the middle of the town of Tribunal with no one else around. Before he can set off to find Bounton or Nelly Dellmar, he discovers that he has materialized in the midst of an army preparing to invade the Imperial...

Aug 7, 2018

Boxcar Boys Percy “Spade” Alexander and Beth “Bird” Simcoe chase after Nelly Delmar, Arthur Kingsley, and Douglas Bounton as they go chasing waterfalls (they should have listened to the song). An alternate title for this episode might be, “What Does The Dog Think?”

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